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      Welcome to KN HOTELS Management, We are the leading hotel consultancy firm in Indonesia. We started the business ini 2010 and growing steadily. We have been assisting hotel owners and developers to start the business. Our services start from zero phase when project owner want to decide to enter the hotel business. We assist them to decide the kind of hotel concept, facilities etc. As our business is growing steadily, we are now moving forward to become small to medium hotel operator with main focus still on generating maximum hotel revenues. We understand that for small hotel with independent management will be facing ¬†more and more tight competitions, and our small management team has been proven winning those competitions. Our office is based in Jakarta but we serve clients through out the Country. Please feel free to contact us at your most convenience, we will be happy to answer your questions. Thank you.    


Yes.., we are hotel operator for small to medium size hotel in Indonesia. 

We offer hotel operation & management service to hotel owners with following terms & conditions:

  • Minimum number of rooms are 50 rooms or more
  • Minimum room size are 12 sqm
  • Minimum 3 years management contract

What we provide for the owner:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Sales & Marketing / Revenue Analyst
  • E commerce management by Corporate E commerce
  • Continues training for hotel employees by Corporate Training Manager
  • Continues quality control by Corporate Quality Assurance Manager
  • Hotel Computer System*
  • Adjusted Hotel SOP’s etc.
  • Competitive Management Fee
  • Accurate forecasting
  • Cash flow management
  • On time P & L report for the owner

*To be discussed, based on current hotel computer system has been installed by the hotel.

Please feel free to discuss the opportunity with us, we guarantee a profitable scheme for the owner.